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Music Insurance Brokers providing insuring music artists, bands, events, festivals and studios
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About Us
Music Insurance Brokers is a trading division of Media Insurance Brokers Ltd who were established in 1990.

Our team have been involved in the music sector for a long time; playing in bands, tour managing, band management as well as providing insurance for the industry.

We have seen the industry change, from one centred around recorded albums and single sales, into a much more diverse place thanks to the freedom and accessibility that the internet and digital format has provided.

The current touring, gigging and music festival sector is buoyant, exciting and demanding. We have developed and adapted our insurance solutions to meet the needs of the changing music industry.

Whether you are a new artist or band or you have been touring and gigging forever it is equally important to insure your equipment properly and protect yourself and the public from risk.

We provide insurance for music events, festivals, studios, equipment suppliers and technicians from individual freelancers to large companies. In short - whatever you do in the music industry, talk to Music Insurance Brokers about your insurance needs.

Music Insurance Brokers is a trading name of Media Insurance Brokers Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).